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"Better Outcomes for Everybody"

Mar 6, 2023

Welcome to colorectal cancer awareness month! For Episode 4 of Season 3 we highlight the importance of colorectal cancer screening and have a candid conversation about the disparities in cancer care access and the work being done to combat inequities. We are so excited and inspired by our conversation with Dr. Rachel Issaka, gastroenterologist and clinical researcher at Fred Hutch Cancer Center focused on decreasing colorectal cancer mortality; and Anita Mitchell, founder of Colon Stars and nationally recognized advocate for patient rights. With their expertise in clinical settings, research, and community-based perspectives, Dr. Issaka and Anita provide key insights on ways to support those impacted by colorectal cancer. 

Q: What’s the best colorectal cancer screening test - FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test) or Colonoscopy?

A: Dr. Issaka says: “I want to lead with it doesn’t matter ultimately which one you choose per se; what does matter is that you pick a test, and you get screened.”